Location: Metoomentor, Makers Madurai, Madurai. Date: 15-04-2017 Target audience: Girls Students

Women Tech Maker

A key component of that vision is empowering women to pursue their dreams and build tools that change the world. Having a diversity of perspectives and ideas leads to better decision-making, more relevant products, and makes the industry much more interesting. We believe that by creating the right environments, programs and policies, women in tech are better positioned to drive transformation change in the industry and beyond. GDG Madurai and Metoomentor organizing this event by womentechmaker


Mrs. M. Manimala – Co Founder of Metoomentor.org, Madurai Ms. Girija –  Organizer @ Women Tech Maker, Madurai Mrs. Laksha Sivaramakrishnan @ Co Coordinator, Women Tech Maker.


Time Topic
08:30 to 10:00 AM Registration
10:00 to 10:15 AM Welcome Note by Chathishwaran TS
10:15 to 10:30 AM Women Tech Maker Keynote by Mrs Manimala
10:45 to 10:55 AM Women in Technology by Mrs Laksha Sivaramakrishnan
10:57 to 11:15 AM Empowerment of Women, Motivation Speak by Mrs. Laksha Sivaram
11:15 to 12:00 AM Opportunity for Girls In Technology by Ms Girija
12:00 to 12:30 PM Technovation Girls Trail Pitch their Ideas
12:30 to 12:45 PM Open House
12:45 to 01:00 PM FeedBack and Closing Notes
  What happened in the event Women Techmakers programs provide visibility, community and resources for women in technology globally. We encourage you to participate and spread the word. Girls will get awareness about various scholarships and opportunities around the world. As it is the second time, this kind of event is conducted in South Tamilnadu. Welcome note was given by Chathishwaran TS. There are lot of opportunities are available for women Mrs. Manimala spread the awareness about women entrepreneurship.  Women are a tremendous powerful human in the world Mrs.Lakshasivaramakrishnan shared her experience as a tech person and give motivated speech to become brave women. Technovation challenge 2017 girls were pitch their idea and got a wonderful feedback from audience. Idea is not good when its ideating, it would be great when it should executing, Two times technovation winner Ms Girija shared her experience to technovation children like  how to pitch and what kind of presentation should to do during the pitch. Such a awesome event gone at Madurai that is Women Tech Maker @ 2017. Event Report
  • We invited 50+ students and Faculties from Various College and students
  • We had 100% Girls Participation.
  • We bring awareness about girls in technology
  • How to be an entrepreneur and empowered women
  • Everyone showed interest and will be get scholarship from various event
  • About women tech maker scholarship
Registration: http://tinyurl.com/womentechmakermadurai Meetup.com   https://www.meetup.com/Metoomentor/events/238793510/  

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