We gathered at Google Device Lab, Nasscom at 10.00 a.m. We completed our digital resume in the morning session. After our lunch, we had a speaker with us. His name was Mr.Arun Thakur and he had a start-up in the IOT (Internet of Things) lab. He spoke with us  his life experiences and how he started his start-up. His team was building an application connecting to wearable, to remind the Tuberculosis patients to take their tablets on time. After he left, We decided to complete the entire process of building our application by today. The time  was 5.00 p.m at that time, and we planned to work for the whole night up to morning 6.00 a.m to reach our target. The content writing team was writing posts for social media, script for the videos, and content for our company website. The technical team started building the prototype for our application and website. The marketing team started advertising our product on social media. The design team made a video of Mr. Senthil Kumar describing What is out of box? And why he started it ? And what is the use of this one week campaign? We finished all these work by 3.00 a.m and packed up the third day.

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