On this day, we were very much excited to know about Qualcomm. We reached Qualcomm India Private Limited, Bangalore at 10.00 a.m. There, we were guided by Ms. Dhana Lakshmi, a Devtest (Developer + Tester) in the Wireless Router branch. She took us to a meeting room at 11.00 a.m. She asked us to raise questions on our expectations about Qualcomm. Then, Chatiswaran Sir introduced our team to her as a team from Tamil Nadu and we attended a week long Boot camp at NASSCOM and he also discussed about the application (KNOWITZ) which we were building at NASSCOM. Then, we started asking questions to Ms.Dhana Lakshmi. Prassanna, one of our team members started asking questions about Qualcomm to her. She explained us that Qualcomm was a company whose 70% revenue depends upon the Research and Development (Filing new patterns), and only 30% depends on the production of chips and the other products of Qualcomm. We asked questions like Will Qualcomm make use of Li-fi technology in future? What is the speed of the latest wi-fi routers she was working on? Will there be health issues if we use the wi-fi routers? Will Qualcomm bring any products like mobile phones? What is the recruitment process in Qualcomm? Will Qualcomm provide any internship for students? And so on. She answered all our questions and then we visited the wireless router testing lab nearby the meeting room. We visited a shielding room testing the product, when we entered the shielding room in the testing lab all our mobile signals were cut-off. We completed the visit by 1.00 p.m and we returned to our respective places.

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