The second began with much more enthusiasm than the first day. We reae ched the Google Device Lab office at 10.00 a.m. In the morning session, We started discussing as a whole team to choose the name for our application. We had lot of choices like Beware, Learnix, Inflow, Openflow etc. Then, after an hour long discussion we chose the name of our app as “KnoWitz”, which meant knowing the intelligent people for sharing of useful information. Then we split our work within ourselves for the next one hour. The content team was writing the posts for social media and discussed the tag line. The marketing team created a facebook, twitter, linkedin, Instagram page for our app. The design team started working on our logo. Then, we went to lunch at 2.00 p.m. After our lunch, we decided our tag line as “Change comes with Awareness”. We were then instructed by Sathees sir, one of our mentors to create a digital resume. We started downloading templates from internet and we build our digital resume. Some of us were in Electrical background so html, css were new for them. They were taught those processes by our team. Our team had a great team work. We ended our second day.

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