We were a bit late on this day (16/03/17), we reached the Google Device Lab, NASSCOM office at 11.00 a.m. We met Mr. Akshay Sasikumar, Manager of 10,000 start-ups in our cabin at 11.30 a.m. We requested him to allow us to have discussion with the start-up teams in NASSCOM. Then we divided ourselves into different teams and we met the CEO’s of many start-ups up to afternoon. We have included the experience of our team members meeting different start-ups given below. Akshaya : (Student, EEE DEPT, Aksheyaa College of Engineering, Anna University.) I met Ms. Parinitha Manohar CEO of SPALONTIME. I had a good talk with her and she discussed the recruitment process of the IT industry. She had 15 years experience in the industry and she worked for VERISIGN. I introduced myself to her as a content writer, she told me that that she will refer me to some of the companies she know and she gave her card to contact her for further help. I came to know the working process in the Software industry. Karthik: (Student, CSE DEPT, Aksheyaa College of Engineering, Anna University.) I met the CEO of SPALONTIME, Ms. Parinitha Manohar. She responded as soon I introduced myself to her. She answered to all my questions and she explained about the working nature of the IT industry. She also shared the process of recruitment in the IT industry. She advised me to take internships in different companies as much as possible to gain work experience. It was very useful to me. Vimalshree and Subhashini: (Employees, Evansys Technologies, Chennai.) We met Ms.Priya from ALL TIME LEARN start-up. She was a Front-end Developer and she shared her experience with the IT industry. Then, we met Ms.Manjushree of SPALONTIME and she gave us some ideas about the start-up companies and we came to know about the start-up culture. It was a great opportunity for us to get some ideas about IT industry. Then, by afternoon we met Ms.Neethu, Head of Administration and Events (IOT centre of Excellence). She explained our team about the start-ups in the IOT lab, which were based on the concept of internet of things. Then, we decided to build a website for KNOWITZ and we also started creating a wireframe representing our team members. Some of us completed hosting our digital resume by the time. Each of us had a great experience conversing with different people of NASSCOM today and we all had a good exposure of how does the IT industry really work. The fourth day at NASSCOM had a great end.  

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