We a group of 12 students from Tamil Nadu are here at Google Device Lab, Nasscom for a boot camp for a period of one week (13/03/17-19/03/17). The first day we reached Google Device Lab with a great enthusiasm to meet new people, learn different stuff, and work in the corporate culture. We gathered at Google Devices Lab sharp at 10.00 a.m. Then, we started the session with the self introduction with our mentor Mr. Senthil Kumar. After that we divided ourselves as various teams based on the skills we are good at. Some of us were good at developing, designing, content writing, presentation and management. We were very much excited to have such a great team  to build our new product. Then, by 2.00 p.m, we finished our lunch in a nearby restaurant and we planned to brainstorm the solutions for our problem statement. The problem statement was to connect the college students in a common platform and to make them aware of the society. Each of us had different points to say. We decided to build an Android app as our product, and we divided the development into different phases. In our first phase, we are going to put  10 short and crisp useful information in our app. Thus we finished our day 1.

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