The fifth day was quite more interesting to each one of us as we shared our experience at NASSCOM in a video format which was about to be uploaded on our website. The rest of us hosted our digital resume. Prassanna was busy building our app’s website and the other team members were working their part for the website. We had our lunch in the nearby restaurant. By afternoon, we had we had a new speaker with us who was also an Entrepreneur having a start-up in the transportation sector. His name was Mr.Sankaran. He spoke with us about his 9 years of experience in IT industry. He asked us to share our ideas to start our own start-ups. Each of us had unique ideas with us. Then, he gave us some ideas on how to pitch our start-up to different investors around the globe. The fifth day at NASSCOM ended and this was the last day at NASSCOM as we planned for an Industrial Visit to Qualcomm the next day.  

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