Hey all,this is Akshaya feeling great here to write my first blog. I am here in Bangalore for a Google Developer Event..We a group of young people are trying to build an app at NASSCOM. On the very first day (13/03/17), when I reached the NASSCOM office, I was thinking like what these developer guys are doing in such a large start-up office here? Then I met Mr.Senthil Kumar, our mentor for this event. Now, I was a member a of team comprising 10 young people from different parts of Tamil Nadu. I was really happy to hear that we were a team to build some new product within a week. We had our self introduction and I was really amazed that each one us had different talents like Developer, Content Writer, Web Developer, Programmer, Marketing team, Hacker and the list goes on After our lunch, we did a brainstorming to build our new product, an application that shares useful information to the people and a connecting platform for the students community. We found that each one of us had a lot of information with us, but we need a great connectivity platform to share them in a useful way. Finally, we decided that we will build an app together for the students community and launch it within a week. There ends my first day at NASSCOM with a lot of new things to learn further.. Thank you guys.Have a great day.   — Ms. KL Akshaya’s Feed Back —    

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